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  1. Conan Exiles - Countdown to Launch

    Two handed swords in Tier 1 - just saying.
  2. Conan Exiles - Countdown to Launch

    It's much better. I'm in a hold pattern right now until launch. All officials are being wiped and if I do play it will probably be on officials. Playing alone fucking sucks and I'm not going to do it. If enough people here want to play, 4-5 or more, then I'm down to get serious with it.
  3. Eve Online

    Ship access is limited and you skill train at half rate. Just look up omega clone status or whatever.
  4. Eve Online

    Eve is free to play if anyone wasn't tracking. Their noob tutorial shows you the ropes too.
  5. 8 May - Conan Exiles: A Hyborian Launch

    If anyone even has a remote interest in playing again - you want to give it a shot - it's really that much better.
  6. I'm willing to at least install it and try it - I wanted this game to succeed and there was a lot of excitement amongst TAC before EA launch. They're revamping combat which was my single biggest gripe. https://www.mmorpg.com/conan-exiles/previews/a-hyborian-launch-is-coming-1000012614 @TourGuide @BigRich @Marauder @Witness @Tyris @JustAGirl @The_Matt_Price and @ whoever else had it. Can we get an @everyone?
  7. 8 May - Conan Exiles: A Hyborian Launch

    I raided a shit ton of people yesterday. Need more peeps to comfortably move up north. I have so much shit.
  8. 8 May - Conan Exiles: A Hyborian Launch

    Max lvl - have a great start - if you vote on their server they give you a set of end game armor.
  9. 8 May - Conan Exiles: A Hyborian Launch

    I've got a pretty good thing going in our normal spot if anyone wants to join.
  10. 8 May - Conan Exiles: A Hyborian Launch

    I'm on a populated unofficial server that just wiped if anyone wants to come play.
  11. 8 May - Conan Exiles: A Hyborian Launch

    Dude you can fall off a cliff, hit spacebar, and your guy digs his fingers into the face of the wall as he slides down, and catches himself and you climb back up.
  12. 8 May - Conan Exiles: A Hyborian Launch

    I'm really surprised - this feels exponentially more polished now like Rust.
  13. 8 May - Conan Exiles: A Hyborian Launch

    Light and heavy attacks weave seamlessly.
  14. 8 May - Conan Exiles: A Hyborian Launch

    Well I'm in the server just fucking around - in TS
  15. 8 May - Conan Exiles: A Hyborian Launch

    Holy shit you can scale the side of mountains right out of the box now.
  16. 8 May - Conan Exiles: A Hyborian Launch

    So I put up a server - just search for TAC in the multiplayer screen. I have to say, the game feels a shit ton smoother and not as clunky. I just felt really slow and shitty, kind of like ark - IMO anyways. It feels more fluid and intuitive. The server is set to 2x everything, and half craft.
  17. Sea of Thieves

    Basically, you have bitched and we've done nothing at all to address shit except talk about it.
  18. PUBG

    Sooo, it's worth $30, it's squad FPS / TPS, and I know some of you already have it. Just sayin. EDIT: And you only need 4 peeps for a max squad - solo mode and duo mode. @TourGuide could camp his balls off if he wanted (sort of).
  19. Conan Exiles

    I wasn't very impressed when I logged in - it felt clunky.
  20. Conan Exiles

    Ok - They've had a year to polish the game. I'm starting a reboot on playing today. I do have the capability to host again if it's desired. Anyone is welcome to join me - I'll be in TS. @TourGuide@The_Matt_Price@JustAGirl @Marauder @BigRich @Tyris @Witness @Rahjj @Wormfood @Ronin @Lil Ronin and @ whoever else had it. We could collectively demolish a fucking server.
  21. PUBG

    So I read somewhere they're doing 8 man squads during some special events or something.
  22. PUBG

    So I didn't realize fortnite PVP was free - just downloaded it.
  23. For honor

    They're adding dedicated servers.
  24. PUBG

    So there's a group of weed smokers I've been playing with - you can almost always get a squad to play with in this discord - just tell them you know me. Don't join if you're under 21 (practically none of us are) - that's their only hard rule. https://discord.gg/6AF5sZx