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  1. UsAfBrAn

    7 Days to Die - Alpha 17 Release

    We're peaking at around 25/32 players this evening on the server. When A17 releases - I'll be moving to an exponentially more powerful server with NVMe and Xeon Golds and upping the player count to 64.
  2. Just wanted to ping everyone so you know A17, which has been in development for several months is being released soon. John and I have put a server up in an effort to gather a player base prior to release. This update is similar to when rust went from the old version to the new version - basically a new game. You can see all the incoming changes at https://7daystodie.com/a17-early-streaming-release-notes/. The server IP is You can also filter 11/25|PVP|Dedicated|SSD|DDR4|Gbit|DDOS.
  3. UsAfBrAn

    World of Warcraft Heroics

    chain running normal dungeons this evening on a warlock.
  4. UsAfBrAn

    World of Warcraft Heroics

    Yes - stormrage - same place we were before.
  5. I'll be chain healing (no pun intended) heroics tonight for any interested. Maybe some raid finder. Next weekend I'll run a raid.
  6. I'm downloading it now if anyone wants to mess around.
  7. I picked up an NVMe SSD (I/O is what holds back rust servers) VPS with dedicated Xeon cores and DDOS protection out of Los Angeles and put up a 300 player rust server on it. It has all of my premium mods on it plus all the others everyone likes. I won't be pursuing a pay to win model, so feel free to come play and enjoy all of the premium features of rust modding at no cost - Click here to connect to server - You can also filter "Rusty Nutz" under modded. I'll be running a four day wipe cycle on it, but not initially. It's a 5X server. Additionally, for anyone unaware, rust is not the game it once was - it's worth another look if you passed it over. As an example, boats and electricity were recently added, plus a slew of new weapons such as a compound bow.
  8. I tried the alpha - don't buy it - it's in the state legacy rust was when we all got it. Maybe 3 years from now.
  9. I like to see new games use the best parts of other games to try to be better. I doubt I'll buy it when it releases, but it's worth keeping an eye on. I'm just sick of the early access gaming model.
  10. https://www.rendgame.com/ - Expected to be the standard $29.99 in EA on 31 July 18.
  11. UsAfBrAn

    Conan Exiles - Countdown to Launch

    Two handed swords in Tier 1 - just saying.
  12. UsAfBrAn

    Conan Exiles - Countdown to Launch

    It's much better. I'm in a hold pattern right now until launch. All officials are being wiped and if I do play it will probably be on officials. Playing alone fucking sucks and I'm not going to do it. If enough people here want to play, 4-5 or more, then I'm down to get serious with it.
  13. UsAfBrAn

    Eve Online

    Ship access is limited and you skill train at half rate. Just look up omega clone status or whatever.
  14. UsAfBrAn

    Eve Online

    Eve is free to play if anyone wasn't tracking. Their noob tutorial shows you the ropes too.