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  1. Battlefield 4 Sneak Peak

    I got my money's worth out of battlefield and then some. Or atleast I felt I did. I'm still playing it. Looking forward to BF4. hopeing its not a let down like BO2 was for me
  2. Planetside2

    That aint nothing. Hey you hooked up with a clan that was able to give you what you wanted out of the game and made the over all experience more enjoyable. I'd say it be something like the same scenario I faced with BF3. I got to do what I wanted to enjoy the game (not that I didn't enjoy squad rush) but I got to bomb around in a tank with girdy and keep his tank repaired. Thats what I liked doing in that game so when hooking up with N3M it made sense. Good on ya wit!
  3. Chip Lockder: Crime Doctor!

    I ended up subscribing
  4. Merry Christmas!

    and young bucks as well?! haha Merry Christmas Guys
  5. BO2 PC Update Released

    I could of sworn I posted about the game times an hour and a half before you brought it up on TWL
  6. BO2 PC Update Released

    by far a hell of a lot more acceptable. the only thing I'd like to see is a litle more increased round timer. 1:30 dosn't allow for enough time to make a run from one bomb sight to the other. However with great team work it's not the end of the world. Thank you bran for addressing all this. now kick them in the ribs for a round timer and for fucking up in general =P
  7. Dumb ways to die

    thank you for wasteing 3 mins and 2 seconds of my time. It was well wasted!
  8. Black ops 2 Zombies ooooo

    Love how Avenged Sevenfolds new single "Carry On" the the song for it
  9. Site Suggestions...

    I honestly don't see how it would be needed, but thats my vote. not to shoot the idea down but I think aiwa hit it with the low post count sort of deal. the only benifit I could see from it if it was used as a I'm playing such a such a game come join me! but then again thats what we do on vent lol
  10. For Wit....

    Myself I love the open string percussion and very much so enjoy listening to it. One guy who always stood out to me was Andy McKee. Very melodic tunes he has. But that's just my taste. If you want to check him out watch ryalin. It's something spelt like that. I'd post you the link but I'm on my phone
  11. if anything 60 bucks is worth it for the single player for myself. Call of duty was one of the PC games that I can honestly say really enjoyed the story line. but thats my opinion. I already have BO2 pre-ordered as well
  12. Red Sox Fans

    because we have a paper for nova scotia and then we have papers for our towns. My paper would be The Coast Guard.
  13. Red Sox Fans

    haha I read this today in our provincial paper "The Chronical Herald"
  14. Deer + Motorcyle = ouchie

    many many stories like that around my area. but its so rural and full of deer. and 8 times out of 10 the outcome is the same each time. I stopped driving at night here on mine