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  1. I like the trailer but I'm good with what I got in BF4. If I need a Robotie shooty game I got MW4 or I can always go see what Titanfall is all about
  2. Hey ! The new Expansion for BF Dragons Teeth is out now. I just started downloading it come get some ! http://www.battlefield.com/battlefield-4/expansion-packs/dragons-teeth
  3. Happy birthday, Brigs!

    Thanks for the Birthday wish's
  4. America's Army Beta Signups

    I call Bullshit! This game is in no way is like the real army. I signed up too
  5. From before, when rock didn't suck...

    Was that back when you had a six shooter and rode your horse to school?
  6. Well they opened up TSW to a free 3 day trial. http://www.thesecretworld.com/news/sign_up_now_for_our_free_three_day_trial it is kinda like living though a steven king book
  7. On this day in history...

    Don't you need a soul to celebrate a birthday and we all know gingers dont have souls. HAHAHAH you got old
  8. Planetside2

    there is 3 factions fight for control of a world and you get guns, vehicles, robots, aircraft and a few things I am sure I am forgeting
  9. @Aiwa

    DOn't worry it's a 40mm GL, I am sure it will hit all 3 of you wise cracking asshats
  10. @Aiwa

    I tohught Aiwa ate virgins and babies to never grow old? Happy birthday ya old fart
  11. MechWarrior Online

    Got into the closed beta this week So far it's been a blast, it has a World of Tanks feel to it but with big stompy robots.
  12. Wow

    Regan for the win! this is the first time I heard that song but it's growing on me already lol
  13. Holy. Crap.

    Well you can always say it's for fighting the Zombie hordes or when the US nose dives into a 2nd civil war. Thats how my mom justified getting her self a little springfield 9mm. Personnaly I'm just gonna go shoping at the fort when the zombies hit I know this great little place with some AT-4's