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  1. Brigs

    Wit's new album is out!

    sweet now I know at least what 1 fellow TAC person looks like, I also like the tunes
  2. Brigs

    Wit's new album is out!

    So witch one is Wit?
  3. I like the trailer but I'm good with what I got in BF4. If I need a Robotie shooty game I got MW4 or I can always go see what Titanfall is all about
  4. Hey ! The new Expansion for BF Dragons Teeth is out now. I just started downloading it come get some ! http://www.battlefield.com/battlefield-4/expansion-packs/dragons-teeth
  5. Brigs

    Happy birthday, Brigs!

    Thanks for the Birthday wish's
  6. Brigs

    America's Army Beta Signups

    I call Bullshit! This game is in no way is like the real army. I signed up too
  7. Brigs

    From before, when rock didn't suck...

    Was that back when you had a six shooter and rode your horse to school?
  8. Well they opened up TSW to a free 3 day trial. http://www.thesecretworld.com/news/sign_up_now_for_our_free_three_day_trial it is kinda like living though a steven king book
  9. Brigs

    On this day in history...

    Don't you need a soul to celebrate a birthday and we all know gingers dont have souls. HAHAHAH you got old
  10. Brigs


    there is 3 factions fight for control of a world and you get guns, vehicles, robots, aircraft and a few things I am sure I am forgeting
  11. Brigs


    DOn't worry it's a 40mm GL, I am sure it will hit all 3 of you wise cracking asshats
  12. Brigs


    I tohught Aiwa ate virgins and babies to never grow old? Happy birthday ya old fart
  13. Brigs

    MechWarrior Online

    Got into the closed beta this week So far it's been a blast, it has a World of Tanks feel to it but with big stompy robots.