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  1. Aiwa

    Leave it to EA...

    Looks like I'm sticking to Destiny 2. I already thought it took too long to kill someone in Battlefield. Maybe my aim just sucked, though.
  2. Aiwa

    New season starts soon!

    I'm with @crossfire.
  3. Honestly, looks like a rip of ARK. While it was a cool game, didn't really tickle my nether regions... I have more fun helping the ARK web admins with custom apps on their website, which runs the same forum software we do, than I ever did in the game.
  4. Aiwa


    From what I hear between the two games, PUBG will be played to death and abandoned by the dev company that's notorious for milking something and bailing. Fortnite on the other hand has a reputable company behind it and likely something that'll last... Which is why I've shelved my PUBG stats pull and am looking at other games, Fortnite being one of them.
  5. Aiwa


    I played w/ Wit a couple times... Could never get into it. Don't know why.... That said, I am looking at adding a stat tracker to my Steam app to pull PUB stats and show them in user profiles.
  6. Aiwa

    Destiny 2 Development Update

    Interesting... We'll see how it goes. I've gotten lucky and managed to get 1 of the exotic ghost shell's, seems like they are quite exotic.
  7. Aiwa

    Destiny 2 Double Xp Weekend

    Figures, the one weekend I can't play.... That's the sprint weekend to finish packing... Movers come on the 20th.
  8. Count me out this year guys. Good luck!
  9. Aiwa

    17-18 Season

    No, no one in league. I just don't have the time to be competitive. Unless you need a team for a punching bag.
  10. A little irritated my down didn't make it to the advertised 940...
  11. Aiwa

    Got new internet...

    AT&T pushed fiber to my neighborhood about 6 months ago. Was waiting for a good deal on it. 1000mb, no data cap. $70 / mo.
  12. Not going to buy it. It should have been released standalone from day 1. But they wanted to package it with their POS futuristic crap to artificially boost its sales.
  13. Aiwa


    You'll be fine with 16gb.
  14. Aiwa

    Call of Duty going back to WW2

    Pfft... The only 'actual' gamePLAY footage was about 0.167s of someone reloading a bolt action rifle. The rest were cinematics. When I see someone running around and shooting, we'll talk... I'm glad they are getting rid of the exo suit shit and going back to basics... I want to play with some measure of tactics, not this jump and bounce of walls shit in VERY confined quarters.
  15. Aiwa

    Site Downtime 2/24

    The data-center housing our Web and TS servers lost power today. The power outage caused its fair share of hardware failures that caused an extended downtime. As of this post, everything has been re-booted and we should be good to go. Apologies for any inconvenience.
  16. Aiwa

    Call of Duty Returning to its Roots

    I still very much enjoy BO2. The matchmaking system still pisses me off from time to time... Mostly the inability to get rid of griefers.
  17. Aiwa

    Tech support question.

    I'm still using the case, cooler, drive and power supply. There is one problem with the board, the top PCIe slot is warped. You can only get a card in the bottom slot. Worked fine for me for years, though. Only upgraded because it wouldn't play Battlefield 1 / Titanfall 2. It licked everything else I threw at it. I don't think I have the graphics card that Temet sold me with it... I believe I put that in one of my cousins machines I built for them, but I think I have a decent card laying around. I'll look tonight if I get a chance after taking my son to Scouts... I want to say the GFX card I have is a 7900 GT. Obviously a much older model.
  18. Aiwa

    Tech support question.

    In just did a mobo / proc / ram upgrade. I7 950 with 12 gb of DDR3. I might be convinced to part with it.
  19. Aiwa

    Tech support question.

    I may have an old card laying around. Let me look... If I find one you want, PM me you're address and I'll drop it in the mail.
  20. Aiwa

    Tech support question.

    Does your mobo have onboard graphics? If so I'd try the onboard before dropping the money on a new gfx card. Sounds like you're right though. Graphics card on its last leg. Visually inspect your mobo and graphics card for any bulging capacitors. Check your power supply too. If the graphics card isn't getting enough power, could also cause artifacting.
  21. Aiwa

    Battlefield 1 Trailer

    Newegg is running their Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals this week... Picked up the parts I'll need to finish for the upgrade.... Core i7 6700k, Gigabyte G1 Z170X Gaming 7, Corsaire Vengeance LPX 16GB. Funny story, I was going to pick up the Cooler Master 212 EVO for my heatsink, but the build I have now has it in it already, thanks @Temet... Just going to clean it off and re-use it.
  22. Aiwa

    Battlefield 1 Trailer

    There are a couple other games I want to play that will require the upgrade also. It's an 8 year old machine... I'd say I got some good life out of it... Part of the reason I'm playing BO2 all the time is because I can only run BO3 on low settings... Just looks like garbage. I also want to pick up Titanfall 2. I enjoyed the crap out of Titanfall 1, just no one else played it with me.