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  1. I still play the first one. Good game once they got the hackers out.
  2. Well got all patches installed but still cant play cause I cant remember my damn username!! Damn you Relic! (Works if you can see this and are able to login you may be able to see that under your friends)
  3. Hey man trying to play COH again. However the auto patcher will not work. So downloaded torrent patches yet none of the fukers will install. Any help here??
  4. I am running the same keyboard as Outlaw also just not that 500 button mouse its just this one is more awesome because its star wars. (it is a razor also) And I just noticed Hell froze over. Wheres my keyboard!
  5. I know you guys are all looking at what to get the most awesome guy and TAC member for Christmas. I also know that Worms has worked very hard ho'ing to contribute and guys I finally found it. Yes I appreciate the way you guys get blank stares at what is awesomeness coming from Crossfire, so this is what I am wishing for Dont worry about express shipping I dont want anyone to trouble themselves on my acct.
  6. THERE IS NO STRONGER MMO CHAR THAN...............................TACICAL!!
  7. As I can see most everyone except me can which is the problem. Nothing has changed on my end
  8. Understand but unsure why others can play just fine and I have been 4 days now
  9. Update, now when I go to forgot my password and try to change it they send me a validation key. Problem is their own fucking site says the validation key they send me cannot be verified. I give up, any game you have to have this crap for will not be purchased.
  10. This is ridiculous. I do love the game but I have not been able to log in for 4 days with Origin telling me I must play online sincew the authentication servers are down. However I know this to be bull shit as others have been playing just fine. Now I try again today and its saying my log in is not correct?? Has anyone else had this issue with this peoce of shit Origin?
  11. Actually they do. All high speed companies in the state of Va. go under contract with the local governments. They have to keep certain ratings for contracts to be renewed and to be honest they are very strict as there is a ton of conversation. For instance Verizon, Charter, Cox, or Comcast can not have areas of service near one another, so if Charter for instance is dropping the ball complaints can be sent to Cox and they then swoop in and steal the contracts to allow for broader service. Welcome to the Commonwealth
  12. Write your politician, while they all suck its is coming up on election time. You never know.
  13. Yeah I finally got decent interweb back. You guys still living in same place?