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  1. For honor

    I was curious also if we would hvae a tac ded server
  2. Destiny 2 Trial now available

    Rich can you throw me a clan invite sometime when you have a moment?
  3. Fortnite

    Looks interesting but kinda just like team fortress 2 with forts included
  4. Worth it as long as not full priced at $60
  5. cant wait for this one. already pre-ordered
  6. Got new internet...

    I pay $110 a month for 100 mb service. that is unreal!!! now if we can get you to play something other than call of duty to show off that speed lol
  7. I still play the first one. Good game once they got the hackers out.

    Well got all patches installed but still cant play cause I cant remember my damn username!! Damn you Relic! (Works if you can see this and are able to login you may be able to see that under your friends)

    Hey man trying to play COH again. However the auto patcher will not work. So downloaded torrent patches yet none of the fukers will install. Any help here??
  10. Merry Christmas to Brian CrossFire

    I am running the same keyboard as Outlaw also just not that 500 button mouse its just this one is more awesome because its star wars. (it is a razor also) And I just noticed Hell froze over. Wheres my keyboard!
  11. I know you guys are all looking at what to get the most awesome guy and TAC member for Christmas. I also know that Worms has worked very hard ho'ing to contribute and guys I finally found it. Yes I appreciate the way you guys get blank stares at what is awesomeness coming from Crossfire, so this is what I am wishing for http://www.razerzone.com/swtor/keyboard Dont worry about express shipping I dont want anyone to trouble themselves on my acct.
  12. Pre-Loads Starting

    THERE IS NO STRONGER MMO CHAR THAN...............................TACICAL!!
  13. As I can see most everyone except me can which is the problem. Nothing has changed on my end