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  1. Witness

    Wit's new album is out!

    I'm the lead guitar player on the left, Brigs.
  2. So, besides being an ace competitive FPS team leader, ladder/league admin, and player, I'm also a lead guitar player with about 30 years or performing and recording experience under my old, wrinkled belt. Anyhow, one of the bands I'm playing with down in Austin, TX (Bottlecap Mountain) just released their latest record, Claws Sharp. It's up on Spotify as of today, so if you like good rock music, give it a listen:
  3. Witness

    Got new internet...

    Jesus, Mother of God...
  4. Well, it runs pretty wonky and mouse control is anything but smooth but... Fuckit, I played.
  5. It's called Rainbow Six 3 Gold on Steam... http://store.steampowered.com/app/19830/
  6. Ok, I redownloaded the Steam version and I'll give this a try over the weekend...
  7. Witness

    Ghost Recon Wildlands Open Beta Next Week

    Had fun. Pre-ordered. PVP would be a blast with a bunch of you homos.
  8. Witness

    Ghost Recon Wildlands Open Beta Next Week

    Ugh, looks like 3rd person... Barf.
  9. Witness

    Squad Free Weekend

    What a great game! I really enjoyed playing this with ya, Fatty... If you're gonna play this weekend, let me know - I'm in.
  10. Witness

    Overwatch Rankings

    I'm in transition between Boston and Austin - that's why I haven't been playing. In fact, I'm shutting down my gaming rig tonight and it won't be back up and running until I'm in my new apartment in Texas which should be somewhere around August 1st. If anyone needs me, send a text (617.438.4485) or email to tac.witness@gmail.com - I'm monitoring texts and emails super closely. See you guys on the other side.
  11. Witness

    IPS 4.x Theme

    Spectrum and Animate for me.
  12. Witness

    Water cooling?

    Hey guys... I'm building a new box in a week or two and I'm getting this case in matte black: https://www.nzxt.com/products/h440-white Marauder suggested I watercool the sumbitch since I'm getting an unlocked i5-6600K processor. Can anyone help me figure out what to get when it comes to a watercooling system? I'm a total noob with anything watercooled.
  13. Witness


    I haven't but it's been one of the games that keeps coming up for me. Thinking about it.
  14. Witness

    Star Wars Battlefront Details

    Yeah, Cosby got ESP tracked and killed by someone from Immortal 4 or 5 times in a row. Finally broke him so he uninstalled. Mar's pretty tired of all the exploiting and I just didn't feel like mostly going it alone...