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  1. JustAGirl

    well cock smokers I avoided it but....

    I need toon names of all you guys :? Add me to your friends! Indifference
  2. JustAGirl

    WoW Characters

    that's pretty cool! Here's me =D http://wow.allakhazam.com/profile.html?528087 and my hunter who I haven't touched since they got buffed :shock: http://wow.allakhazam.com/profile.html?528132
  3. JustAGirl

    Does anyone have a good link

    I haven't figured out what the gong means yet. lol And you will get owned if you don't travel with a partner or two. =) Just get some hits in, you'll get contribution points.
  4. JustAGirl

    Does anyone have a good link

    There are 3 battleground zones, Harly. They're all different. Warsong Gulch is located in the Barrens and is simply stealing your opponents flag and running it back to your base. It's 10 v 10. Arathi Basin is 20 v 20 and is a capture and hold. It reminds me of BF2 a little with all of the back and forth. Oh and it's in Arathi Highlands. This one is my favorite =D Last but not least, there's Alterac Valley which is 40 v 40 and consists of making your way across the map capturing and destroying bunkers/graveyards/mines. You will find a battlemaster in Ogrimmar in the Valley of Honor. Ask a guard, he'll direct you. There is one for each zone so if you wanna get in queue for BG you go and speak to the battlemaster of the zone you want to play in. When it's time for your game, you'll get a message and be automatically ported into the zone when you accept.
  5. JustAGirl


    Too easy. :shock: LOL Tour Whoa! Blast from the past! What's up girlie girl? Hi Guns!
  6. JustAGirl


    Too easy. :shock: LOL Tour
  7. JustAGirl

    A couple links to help the WoW crew

    Here's a good link for you Dawg.. It shows where to get all of the pet skills. http://www.goodintentionsguild.info/hunters.html What you do is, stable your fulltime pet then go and train another for it's skill. Once you've learned it, you can then teach it to any pet =)
  8. JustAGirl

    Is anyone still playing a MMORPG?

    I really want to play with you, but damn, I don't have enough time to play my main much less 2 alts! But my main may quit being my main right now. I am guilded up with some guys from my FFXI linkshell and really don't feel a need to stay with them. But damn, it took me 3 days to get to 15 and I don't want to throw that away. If I come to Gurubashi with a main your not going to up and quit on me soon as I get there are you? LOL no way, I have Tour and Rich in Guru now! wewt :twisted:
  9. JustAGirl

    Is anyone still playing a MMORPG?

    Harley! You better come and visit me on Gurubashi at some point mister. I'm a troll mage named Indifference :mrgreen:
  10. JustAGirl

    Who's playing Warcraft..

    uh yeah... that was me. :smoke:
  11. JustAGirl

    Who's playing Warcraft..

    besides me? :cry:
  12. JustAGirl

    World of Warcraft

    I'm on a Mountain server, Ach.. Kel'Thuzad I'm a night elf hunter.. and yes.. I'm in a small guild that some friends and I started. =) AND.. I just hit level 33 last night. yay me
  13. JustAGirl

    World of Warcraft

    I'm playing WoW too =) That's why no one sees me anymore :mrgreen:
  14. lol I have a tendency to be a bit of a bitch
  15. awww doesn't this feel good?? We've bonded! c'mon.. group hug. c'mon. (insert kissy face smilies here) and HaVoKofNoC? We've got these internal issues under control k? What family isn't dysfunctional? Go remodel a map or somethin'.. tHanKuDrIveThrU 0h 1337 0N3