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  1. Albion Online

    Tempting. I'm assuming the download's not too big?
  2. Albion Online

    Hmm... I'm assuming there's no demo available?
  3. Albion Online

    Flo? Now there's a name I haven't heard in ages. What are the system requirements? My rig's getting really old by current standards, and I don't really want to spend any money upgrading it.
  4. Dark Age of Camelot

    Didn't Hallowed Crusaders lead the alliance? At least that's what's coming to memory after seeing the screenshot.
  5. Tech support question.

    Well, shit. If one of the two PCI-E x16 slots is warped, that's actually a deal breaker as I need that second PCI-E x16 slot for my sound card. My onboard sound died several years back and I splurged a bit on the replacement considering how much I listen to music. I obviously wouldn't need the sound card in the new setup, but I'd consider it a loss. $1k is definitely more than I'm looking at spending. I'd be lying if I said there wasn't a temptation, but the reason I have the money to theoretically spend $1k on a new computer is precisely that I avoid those temptations whenever possible,
  6. Tech support question.

    What motherboard? My biggest concern is the size of the board, though that'd just take a quick Google search to check (I'm on an EP45-UD3R). Due to the lifespan of computer parts, I must admit that age is also a bit of a concern. Quality motherboards can definitely last a while, though; the one I'm on was bought back in '08. I've actually had it in the back of my head to fully upgrade this computer for a while now. A complete upgrade would allow me to transfer the current motherboard to my old backup rig that's got a dead one, and it'd be nice to have the backup computer around in case this one has more serious issues that prevent me from booting the system at all.
  7. Tech support question.

    Bah. All the PCI-E 2.0 x16 video cards are actually downgrades from my 460GTX. I don't mind all that much paying a bit of a premium - it'll be costing me $100 for 8gb of ddr2 - but I'd hate to be forced into a worse setup than what I had. Edit: Looks like 3.0's are backwards compatible with 2.0's. Woo! Now I can look at non-shitty cards. Edit 2: Been stable for 4-5 hours now, so I'm all but certain it's the video card. Looking at replacing it with a GTX 1050 Ti (~$140). Would've been tempted to take the next step up with the RX 480, but that card looks to be around 0.75 inches longer than my GTX 460, and I don't think I have the space in the case for that. And even if I did, it'll be miserable working with such a small space. Also really tempted to drop the $100 on 8GB of new ram. Definitely open to seeing what parts people have lying around, but I'd like to make the order within the next couple days. One of Newegg's major warehouses is only ~85 miles away and I typically get orders within a day or two even after selecting the free shipping, so I'll be able to get up and running by the weekend even if I order Thursday morning.
  8. Tech support question.

    Welp, my motherboard turned out not to have onboard video, but my old rig with a dead motherboard happened to have an old Geforce 6600 something or other. A card that's old enough to have an analog connector, but new enough to take advantage of PCIEx12. It's absolutely beastly at 128MB of DDR3! Thanks for the offer Aiwa. My main concern is the overall size of a card; the GTX 460 that I had was pretty much the limit of what would fit in my case. That said, this does give me an excuse to do a bit of an upgrade. My CPU will still be out of date and I'll still be stuck on DDR2, but going to 8GB of DDR2, or even 16GB if it's not too expensive, along with the graphics card upgrade would put me in a position where it's at least possible for me to play new releases.
  9. Tech support question.

    That's exactly what my next step was going to be, Aiwa: Checking for onboard graphics. Pretty sure the motherboard has it. I'll check the capacitors as well when I shut down shortly. I'd have to pop off the graphic card's casing to check the capacitors, however, so that might not work for that particular item. It's definitely not an overheating issue. When I checked the temps yesterday in the middle of one session, the video card was only at 41C. Now, it definitely is possible that it had overheated prior and what I've got now is just the symptoms of the damage that was caused, but I'd be surprised if that was the case considering the fact that I haven't play anything that demands much of the card for a year or so. ARK was probably the last thing to push the card. I also confirmed that the fan is working. Voltage wise, I'm currently getting this reading from SpeedFan: Vcore1: 1.12V Vcore2: 2.08V +3.3V: 3.34V +5V: 5.00V +5V: 5.35V. What I can't say, however, is how atypical those numbers are. And the video card is an old GTX 460, so I've definitely gotten a solid amount of use out of it since the card was initially released July of '10 and I likely picked it up a year or two after that. Not the greatest lifespan, but not terrible. Actually, now that I think about it, doesn't EVGA have some type of phenomenal warranty policy? I should look that up. Gotta shut down; I've lost count of the number of times the driver crashed while writing this and it forces me to refresh the page every time or your posts don't show and this text box is often dark as well.
  10. So, my system's run into some pretty major stability issues these past few days, and I'd like some input on the possible causes. Less than a week ago, my computer had an issue where the screen blacked out, went unresponsive for less than a minute, and returned with a notification that the display driver had stopped responding and the computer successfully recovered. That, by itself, isn't anything to warrant real concern, but things have escalated. A couple days ago when it happened, every few minutes after the initial driver crash the screen would flicker black and display that recovery notification. There'd also often be minor artifacts like the mouse cursor not properly changing based on what was underneath it. Now, within thirty minutes of booting up my computer, the cycle typically starts. I tried to watch a Youtube video I found while searching for a solution, and the driver went unresponsive twice before the video displayed even a second of footage; I closed the tab out of fear for an outright system crash as the system often freezes outright not long after the driver enters the crashing cycle. However, that said, the driver has not crashed while making this post. Updated my video card drivers and no change. The second error I only noticed this morning. The computer has also had some issues starting up, but it was only a few hours ago when I explicitly saw the error on the post screen (The motherboard displays some graphic by default and you need to press tab to see the post screen on the default settings): Main BIOS checksum error. A couple Google searches showed the error to be less severe than I initially thought, and that's what's lead me to what I consider the culprit to be: My graphics card looks to be dying. But I'd like to get some other input before dropping the money on a new card as well as confirm myself that the video card is at fault. The only other change to the system has been a new mouse a week or so back, and I seriously doubt a mouse would cause those kinds of issues.
  11. Battlefield 1 Trailer

    That lack of playing BF4 would definitely make me weary of upgrading explicitly for the new BF. But then, that's coming from someone that's largely stopped playing multiplayer games with TAC as a result of that same or similar issues.
  12. Battlefield 1 Trailer

    Your computer's probably closer to meeting the minimum specs than mine, Also, if there's a refund policy, you could always buy it and try it on your machine. I know I've played several games when my cpu was below the minimum spec.
  13. It's a PUG knock life...

    I'd never tell you to eat shit and die, Bran, <3
  14. Star Wars Battlefront Details

    Guess it's a good thing I haven't logged into ARK for a while, :x
  15. Star Wars Battlefront Details

    Or maybe you want to actually shoot the shit with TAC people and not just be off in your own little world despite technically playing a multiplayer game,