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    Android mops floor with Apple, new sales figures show

    you mad bro?
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    Happy birthday, Brigs!

    Hope you have a good one, Army!
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    2013 Season

    Gratz Tour...On its way...
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    Custom field under your picture

    That is badass.
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    Custom field under your picture

    I'd like random live tits from /r/gonewild
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    Star Citizen

    I'm not touting it because of the tablet integration, that was just one of the identifying features about it I could remember because I couldn't remember the title. Don't read too much into my memory's shortcomings...
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    Battlefield 4 Beta Preloads

    I snort derisively at Aiwa's blind allegiance to those paper weights made by Nvidia. I had a similar problem with the last BF I think, I had to change a setting in one of the BF ini's for the net code or something. Might also want to check and see if you have the latest drivers or if they have beta drivers for BF4. Game Stuttering: -Open your console in BF3 " ~ " key. -Enter: RenderDevice.ForceRenderAheadLimit 1 RenderDevice.TripleBufferingEnable 0 Choppy / Stuttering With High End Machines: *Affects Intel i5 & i7 CPUs with Hyper Threading. *Possible fix for dual-core CPUs also. Cause: BF3 Bug Fix: -In BIOS. Disable Hyperthreading. -If you have a dual core CPU, manually set Affinity in task manager to 1 core. Extra For AMD GFX users: - Uninstall AMD CAP profiles (Make sure to uninstall the video driver also and clean the registry, reinstall driver when done.)
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    Battlefield 4 Sneak Peak

    BO2 > BF3 IMHO, but I've always preferred CQB maps. I want an updated version of R6:Rogue Spear.
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    Battlefield 4 Sneak Peak

    I will not say I will never buy BF again, but I really didn't get my money's worth out of the last one and I don't see 4 being any different.
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    Battlefield 4 Sneak Peak

    Same could be said about the Call of Duties and you still bought them
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    Why playing COD BlackOps II in "core" mode is a bummer

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    4 Chords is all you need

    To become a star..
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    Summary of BlackOps 2 Changes

    Here's everything we've heard about so far. First and foremost: new pick 10 create a class system. Instead of just picking your primary weapon, secondary, grenades, perks, etc. You can pick any 10 items to have in your class. For balancing reasons, extra perks and attachments and the like cost an extra point (called wildcards. basically, if you want 2 perks in the perk 1 category, you equip the first one and then equip the wildcard called perk 1 greed. and then you can equip another perk in the first perk selection. 3 points in total. so you could have your primary (1) 2 attachments (3) two perks in perk 1 category (perk, greedwildcard, another perk) (6) 2 more perks in the next 2 perk categories (8). secondary (9) and lethal grenade (10) and that's your class. really cool. other wildcards besides the one that allows you to have more than 1 perk in each category includes a wildcard that lets you have 3 attachments on your gun, one that lets you have 2 lethal grenades etc. Zombie upgrades: In addition to classic nazi zombie survival, there's a left 4 dead kind of mode where you move from place to place killing zombies as you go. There's also a competitive mode called grief mode where 2 teams of 4 are playing at the same time and you try to outlive the other. You can do things like modify the environment (blocking passages, etc) to try and make the other team die first. There are also stat counters and leader boards with zombie mode now to tract who's better than who. "CoDCasting": CoDCasting is something in Black Ops 2 that allows players to live stream games to the internet while commentating and jumping around the action just like a real live sporting event. While watching a LIVE ONLINE game, you can switch between each players views, view the overhead maps with everyone's icons, even listen in to what the team is saying over their microphones. Not only will this make spectating a lot more fun, it's a lot of help and VERY useful for people who like doing commentaries. New Multiplayer features: You can play against bots now for your first 10 levels Source: http://www.joystiq.c...-combat-traini/ Another thing is that perks now ONLY deal with your person. stuff like making you run faster or sprint for longer, etc. There aren't any perks that makes you have better hip fire accuracy. Now anything that deals with your gun and shooting it, is changed by attachments. Attachments like laser sight helps hip fire accuracy now. Also, no more pro perks. Added a game mode called hardpoint and a league playlist (more on that further down the list). There are also an option to have round based domination which tends to be used in the competitive ring of MLG gamers, yo. The perk that makes you invisible to UAVs is changed. Now, if you're standing still, you will show up in the enemy's UAV as if you didn't' have the UAV invisible perk on. This will hopefully destroy campers. Also, another anti-camper tool is a new red dot sight that sends out a pulse when you aim down the sights and allows you to see through walls. He later made it so that if you're staying still because you're planting or defusing a bomb or controlling a score streak, you'll still be invisible. There is now an attachment for your snipers that lets you use your iron sights with the sniper. They also added a bullet trail in the air for sniper rifles, so you can see where it's coming from. Your guns don't prestige with you. They prestige separately. So you can prestige your guy to go back through all the levels, but your guns don't de-level. It's in the future! So all new guns and killstreaks! Call of Duty Elite is now free for all players! Unlocking items have been changed now. Instead of just unlocking anything, or the CoD money system from Black OPs 1, it has been replaced by something completely new. Now, every time you level, you get a point. And you can spend that point on perks or guns or wildcards. There is more content than there are levels! So you'll have to choose wisely and will give players more reasons to prestige and move ahead. Killstreaks? nope. Point streaks? nope. In this game, they're called score streaks. So instead of 3 kills and you get a UAV, or 3 kills/objective points and you get a UAV. In this game, a UAV is worth something like 325 points. So that would be like 3 kills and an assist. Or a couple objective kills (Flag defender = +150) and an assist. You get it. One of my favorites, league play. League play is a LADDER BASED SYSTEM IN CALL OF DUTY. You are grouped with people your skill level. The first few games you are grouped with randoms and it places you in a particular skill group based on how you do. And then you move up and down the ladder (kinda like Starcraft 2). There's also no join in progress for these games Here is a little spreadsheet on the 2 different types of League games. Killstreaks can operate by themselves, or you can control them. This isn't all of them, but there are a few where you can release a drone and it goes around and kills people if you want it to, or you can control it. Or you could release it, control it for 10 seconds, realize an enemy is near you, stop controlling it, kill enemy, go back to controlling it. Updated Crossbow information: Singleplayer "Strike force" mode: The single player has these awesome side mission type things called Strike force missions. You control a WHOLE squad, and you have to complete an objective however you want. Its a SANDBOX STYLE mission where you can solve it in many different ways. You can play as the squad down on the ground, you can play as a chopper and gun down enemies from the air, you can play as a UAV and direct the squad to different waypoints. It basically just takes away the complete linear feel of CoD single player campaigns. Also, single player now allows you to change weapons, perks, attachments, etc iN THE ACTUAL CAMPAIGN. There are also challenges to complete for every level. Source: http://www.gametrailers.com/full-episodes/yg86ez/gt-tv-call-of-duty--black-ops-ii
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    For Wit....

    Holy shit that guys good.
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    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Multi-player Preview

    Video looks fun. You know I'm no COD fanboy! But if we're gonna play it, I'll probably buy this one. I need a new map! BF3 has become fun to me now that I limit myself from the vehicles, so I'm thinking another run and gun might do the trick.
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    Jon Stewart funny on foxconn and Iphones

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    For nascar fans

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    On this day in history...

    Back when Man hunted Wooly Mammoth, Tourguide was born and the morals of the world have gone downhill ever since. Happy birthday you leecherous old man!
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    Red Sox Fans

    That's funny. In the U.S. we have a Coast Guard too -- except they're more like "wanna-be Navy, puddle pirates" instead of journalists.
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    Snake Kings!!!

    I wouldn't say "extremely" religious (my mom is a Southern Baptist minister, so this movie is tame), but it is a Christian-themed movie trying to get men to own up to being responsible, God-fearing fathers. That scene was hilarious, though.
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    happy bday man.
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    Android mops floor with Apple, new sales figures show

    Whats confusing with these numbers is that it takes 9 or so companies producing multiple Android phones each to beat Apple and its iPhone... I like both and switch (until the 5 comes out) but not one of those companies alone can compete with Apples sales with their phone.... Im kinda surprised Samsung is at the top... They are the cheapest feeling and are really bad... I figured HTC would be at the top... Ive tested or owned most of them and the Moto and HTC ones have been decent...
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    MechWarrior Online

    Got into the closed beta this week So far it's been a blast, it has a World of Tanks feel to it but with big stompy robots.
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    Apple cofounder-Wishes Iphone did everything his android does

    Who cares?
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    Your Condition Zero server is out of control

    First off Kill_it, it's Vinttech. Second, if your going to pretend to be a respectable community member then don't going shooting your mouth off to other people. I'm on the server almost daily....I just very rarely use my tag (easier to catch the regular players cheat and admin abuse). As for all the problems we have on the CZ server, you don't need to worry about them anymore because you are no longer welcome there.