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BOOO! Did I scare you?


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Hi gang been a long time since I have spoken to some of you. How are things?


Do we still have a voice comm channel in Discord or something like the for TAC4LIFE?

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TeamSpeak is still up, link on the main page. Many are also using Discord. Hit someone up in TeamSpeak and they’ll get you a Discord invite. 

 Many of us are still playing, sometimes together, sometimes not, but we all still chat. 

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All I've been playing is RDR2 and GTA5 lately (~ the last 6 months or so)... Played a bit of the latest COD/MW with a few of the boys when it came out, but I've been hiding in ingle-player land for a while...


What's everyone playing?

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Aiwa, brigs and I still play COD regularly.

I play Naval action, worms plays War or Rights, we both play RDR2 single player off and on. Some Payday, I just quit WOW again, still play Star Trek Online and Star Citizen with Worms and Brigs. Killing Floor 2 occasionally...

Kind of all over the place really. 

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At the moment? Feeding the WoW Classic addiction. I'll occasionally pick some single player game up that interests me (Horizon's Gate, They Are Billions), but I'll burn out on'em pretty quick and end up back in WoW.

Gaming rig's really out dated at this point, so no chance of me picking up some shiny new AAA game.

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