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Rusty Nutz 8/12 (5X|No-P2W|Loot++|IC|QS|Trade|Clans|TP)

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I picked up an NVMe SSD (I/O is what holds back rust servers) VPS with dedicated Xeon cores and DDOS protection out of Los Angeles and put up a 300 player rust server on it.  It has all of my premium mods on it plus all the others everyone likes.  I won't be pursuing a pay to win model, so feel free to come play and enjoy all of the premium features of rust modding at no cost :P - Click here to connect to server - You can also filter "Rusty Nutz" under modded.

I'll be running a four day wipe cycle on it, but not initially.  It's a 5X server.

Additionally, for anyone unaware, rust is not the game it once was - it's worth another look if you passed it over.  As an example, boats and electricity were recently added, plus a slew of new weapons such as a compound bow.

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