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Destiny 2 Trial now available

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Players may access the Destiny 2 Trial by downloading Destiny 2 from the PlayStation, Xbox, or Blizzard storefronts.
Storage Requirements:


Platform Destiny File Size Storage Space Needed for Download
PlayStation 4 39 GB 78 GB
Xbox One 36 GB 36 GB
PC 68 GB 68 GB
Note: PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live is required for access to multi-player content.


Once players have downloaded the Destiny 2 Trial, they will have access to the following:
  • Destiny 2 Campaign: Through mission "Utopia"
  • Social Space: The Farm
  • Character Level: 8
  • Crucible: Quickplay
  • Clan Access: Clan Roster and Clan XP Contribution
Players who own Destiny 2 will also be granted XP Buffs and an exclusive emblem to show how many Campaign Missions have been completed with Trial players. This emblem may be found within the Emblem Collection of the Vault.


If a player wishes to upgrade to Destiny 2 ownership, all Trial progress will be retained upon purchase.


If you encounter an issue when playing the Destiny 2 Trial, please post a report to the #Help forum.


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This is for anyone who may be on the fence.. *cough*Gunny*cough*

Bear in mind for season 2 I believe they are entertaining the idea of "recruit-a-friend" offering various rewards when a person rolls their account over to the main game. 

Season 2 starts approx. Dec 5.

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Game is great as a solo game campaign.  Story is really well done. 

PvP is lack luster IMO.  Always on the mini-map, doesn't appear to be a gear check and mindless jumping.  Reminds me a lot of COD in arcade mode.

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