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Destiny 2 Double Xp Weekend

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Starting on Friday 17th November 2017, the first Clarion Call event will go live for the entire weekend in Destiny 2. This is an opportunity to earn double XP for any activities you do with a fellow clan member in your fireteam. The news comes as part of Bungie’s weekly blog postwhich also detailed what time Destiny 2’s Clarion Call event would begin.

Here’s when the first Clarion Call begins in your region and how long it’ll last for.


Start and End Dates

Begins: 17th November 2017 Ends: 20th November 2017

Start and End Times

10:00AM PT

18:00PM BST

19:00PM CET

13:00PM ET


Full post here.

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Figures, the one weekend I can't play.... That's the sprint weekend to finish packing... Movers come on the 20th.

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