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Call of Duty going back to WW2

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Activision has announced they are returning Call of Duty back to the era that started the franchise. While I'm sure they'll keep the current match making system, this is a step in the right direction. Activision has admitted the scifi version wasn't as big a hit as they thought it would be, so back to WW2 we go! 

I might actually have to buy this one!




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Pfft... The only 'actual' gamePLAY footage was about 0.167s of someone reloading a bolt action rifle.  The rest were cinematics.  

When I see someone running around and shooting, we'll talk...

I'm glad they are getting rid of the exo suit shit and going back to basics... I want to play with some measure of tactics, not this jump and bounce of walls shit in VERY confined quarters.  

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