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Rainbow Six 3: Gold (Steam) Raven Shield Athena Sword Rogue Spear etc

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Guys! Come back to RvS!

Raven Shield (along with Rogue Spear and original R6 maps and the expansions) is alive and well

Join us sometime?
Discord: http://www.r6chat.com
and http://www.allr6.com > tutorial on patch for RVS at: http://allr6.com/dis...wtopic.php?id=3




R6CHAT.com - Voice/Text Chat (Discord)
ALLR6 Steam Group
Rainbow Six 3 Servers:
ALLR6.com | Tango Hunt +
ALLR6.com | Missions +
ALLR6.com | Adv
Battlefield • Company of Heroes • R6 Siege • Squad • CSGO
uPlay: Recognition. | PSN: ViolenceWithin


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