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The Division Beta Claims Record

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The website for Tom Clancy's The Division thanks the 6.4 million agents who participated in the open beta for the upcoming third-person shooter. UbiBlog claims this is a record, though they don't say what game previously held that mark. Here's word:

The Division development team announced on the official site today that over 6.4 million players participated in The Division Beta, setting the record for an all-new brand on current generation consoles. Those 6.4 million players spent an average of five hours taking on missions and exploring the Dark Zone – the latter proved to be an especially popular activity with players spending an average of two hours searching for and extracting some of the beta’s best loot.

While they were successful, the numbers show that there were probably more than a few tense stand-offs at various extraction points in the city. Over 63 million contaminated items were extracted out of the Dark Zone, but almost 50 percent of the player population tried to steal loot from fellow agents by going rogue.

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