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APB Buddy Keys

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Greetings residents of San Paro!

In the continuing spirit of open communication, we wanted to let you all know about our imminent plans for a Buddy Key program.


Participation allows you to invite a friend to temporarily join you on the streets of San Paro, for free. If they end up buying APB: All Points Bulletin we will give you 400 Realtime Worlds Points – equivalent to 30 days unlimited Gametime! The Points will get credited directly to the referrer’s account, with a minimum turnaround of 48 hours.

We will shortly be launching the first phase, which is open to anyone who has purchased additional Gametime. If you have paid for any amount of unlimited access (30/60/120 days) or 20 extra hours, expect an e-mail to arrive shortly (and don’t forget to check your Spam folder just in case).

And yes, this does mean that anyone buying Gametime DURING the first phase, right up until it ends, will also get a mail including a Buddy Key. But make sure your friend redeems it before the deadline of midnight GMT / 7pm EST on Sunday 8th August, or they’ll miss their chance!

In your e-mail will be a special key with instructions for redemption. Forward this e-mail to a friend, and he or she will be able to register for a free account, linked to yours, which gets 7 hours of Action District Gametime that can be used over a 5 day period. This is counted from the moment they redeem their Buddy Key. It’s a great chance for them to get a taste of San Paro’s fast-paced action!


During or after the trial period, your buddy can choose to purchase a retail copy of APB from the Store or other available channels, apply that retail key, and upgrade their account - meaning he or she gets to keep their character’s customization, progression, and all associated information, including remaining Gametime. As a bonus, if they convert to a retail account we will give you 400 RTW Points!

However, please note that a Buddy Key can only be used to create a new account, and cannot be applied to an existing account (including Closed Beta and Key to the City). A Buddy account cannot redeem any other type of product key (such as Points or Rewards) until they have upgraded to a full retail account. This offer is currently only open in North America and Europe.

Also note that participation in this initial phase will be tracked so that as we expand the Buddy program with additional benefits, those already participating will also reap the rewards.

Please look for more news about later phases of this program in the coming weeks.

See you on the streets of San Paro!

The APB Team

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