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APB Patch 1.3.0

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Today we bring you an interesting first look at the patch notes of the upcoming APB 1.3.0 patch. These fixes and changes are issues that we highlighted early on, or didn’t quite make it into earlier builds.

1.3.0 currently has no definitive release date, but will be here soon. You’ll hear more from us on that in the near future!

Many of the changes we’ve been discussing recently, such as match making changes, will be rolled out in later versions.

See you on the streets.

Fixes for 1.3.0


  • An issue with characters not displaying the Character Select screen has been resolved.
  • An exploit has been fixed where players could exceed the character customisation limits.
  • Players can no longer capture movies while in the character select screen.
  • The overlay strength of clothing items are no longer saved when the player presses cancel.
  • Choosing to replay the intro videos no longer causes some players to crash.
  • A rare server crash that was caused by a player switching their weapons via the inventory has been addressed.
  • A client crash that can occur when accepting a clan invite has been addressed.
  • The achievement ‘Indoctrinate the masses’ can no longer be progressed towards without finishing spray paint actions.
  • The achievement ‘Who Are You?’ is now awarded correctly.
  • There has been an increase in performance for the in-game browser.
  • A client hang that causes the loading wheel to spin perpetually when entering a district has been addressed.
  • The APB Launcher no longer consistently requests the player to restart the computer when first installing the game.


  • Audio display points in the Realtime Worlds building no longer clash with ambient background music.
  • Missing 'Sweep' SFX has been added to the 'Chat', 'Emote', 'Console' and 'Character Info' menus.
  • Missing SFX for the 'Garage Editor' interface has been added.
  • Missing SFX from the 'Locker', 'Marketplace', and 'League' menus has now been added.
  • Enforcer death themes now play correctly when arresting a Criminal player.
  • Players can no longer control more than one audio display point at a time.
  • Music player shortcuts now function correctly when in the various customisation studios.
  • Improvements have been made to the Music Player search functionality.
  • Numerous additional audio fixes/improvements have been made.
  • Improvements have been made to the audio ducking feature.


  • Pedestrians can now be mugged from any angle.
  • Pedestrians have had their collision box sizes decreased.
  • Living City drivers no longer remain calm when their vehicles are on fire.
  • Improvements have been made to Living City driving routes in various areas of the Action Districts.
  • Living City characters no longer continue to animate after death.


  • A rare crash that occurred when players vehicles collide no longer occurs.
  • Mission related vehicles in a critical condition will now continue to lose health even after their related mission has been completed.
  • Custom vehicle exhausts and engines now function correctly in the Action Districts.
  • Vehicles being used as a mobile resupply point can now be entered from the drivers side door.
  • Preset vehicles retrieved as league or progression based rewards can now be customised and saved correctly.
  • Players are now able to enter the Exec Saloon or Dolton Broadwing when touching them.
  • Mission related vehicles now correctly de-spawned when the mission is completed.


  • Selling items to contacts no longer results in the error message 'SALE FAILED'
  • The item information for the SHAW 556 has been corrected.
  • The ‘Supermag’ weapon upgrade no longer upgrades both the clip and the magazine size.
  • Customized clothing that has been manufactured can now be sold to contacts.
  • The ‘Steel Plating’ vehicle upgrade level 1, 2 and 3 now correctly adjust a vehicles armour value.
  • Various items of clothing now correctly remove the waist star badge.
  • Large task items no longer clip through female characters arms.
  • Female characters using the OSMAW are now shown to be holding a rocket during their reload animation.


  • The mission 'Money Trail' now correct finishes after the fourth stage.
  • The mission task items in 'Money Trail' are now displayed on the HUD, and can be picked up by the opposition.
  • The mission ‘Divide and Conquer’ now correctly displays the number of lives Criminals have.
  • Receiving damage as a Criminal while on an escape mission now causes a time penalty.
  • Damage caused by vehicles exploding near characters is now applied correctly.
  • Crouched players are now able to stand up by pressing the jump button.
  • Character upgrades can now be changed when using a Mobile Supply Unit or Field Supplier.
  • Players can no longer drop task items through fences causing them to become unreachable.
  • Players who choose to use the ‘Hold’ option for marksmanship option will now be able to use marksmanship mode correctly after sprinting.
  • Survival missions now function correctly.
  • The targeting reticule now correctly represents where a weapon is pointed when a player is hanging out of a vehicle window.
  • Players should now receive random rewards from contacts other than Double-B and Wilson LeBoyce.
  • If a VIP player disconnects from a district while on a mission both teams should now be correctly informed that a new VIP has been selected.
  • A wall in Block 20 that lacked collision now has collision.
  • Mission objectives that have been inadvertently damaged by weapons or vehicles can now be interacted with correctly.
  • Numerous mission spawn volumes have been altered to prevent potential issues.
  • VIP and enemy players markers no longer remain after the player has died.
  • Criminals can now be witnessed when sitting in the back seat of Living City vehicles.
  • Players can no longer use the Ctrl+Shift+M shortcut to switch districts during a dispatch.
  • Players now correctly suffer explosive damage when exiting a vehicle as it explodes.
  • Players are no longer able to kill themselves by firing a weapon while intersecting another player.
  • Players are now able to perform vehicle break ins while carrying a medium or large task item.
  • Climbing ladders no longer prevents stamina from being regenerated.
  • Players are no longer able to get vehicles inside the spawn bays surrounding Violet Prentiss and Mirri Kent.
  • Players are no longer able to trap themselves behind Veronika Lee
  • Players are no longer able to see opposed enemy players through walls by looking at a destroyed vehicle husk.
  • Amendments have been made to various ‘camping spots’ in both the Financial and Waterfront Action Districts.


  • Splash damage caused by explosive weaponry is now functioning correctly.
  • Grenades can now be thrown even when the players other weapons require reloading.
  • Thrown grenades should no longer be dropped at the players feet if they are suffering from high latency.
  • Weapons fired when a player lands after falling from a height now register correctly.


  • Items with long names no longer cause issues with the UI.
  • The Mouse Cursor will no longer disappear when holding the right mouse button and opening the options menu.
  • The track timestamp no longer resets when pausing a track.
  • The 'Selected Only' checkbox in the Wardrobe now functions correctly.
  • The player can no longer interact with the Wardrobe while the Playlist Editor is open.
  • The hotkeys '1', '2', '3' and 'ALT' now have the same functionality across all the editors.
  • A bug where the Options menu would sometimes fail to open or close has now been fixed.
  • A bug where the flashing APB logo was shown on the death screen has been fixed.
  • The 'Edit Item' menu in the Locker no longer appears as a button.
  • The music player mini-HUD is no longer shown in the Customisation Studios.
  • Immediately selecting multiple decals will no longer result in the opacity of the last selected item applying to all the decals.
  • The Main Menu now correctly displays the hotkeys for the Knowledge Base.
  • Selecting a new track in the Music Editor no longer causes the Pattern interface to shake.
  • The correct thread image is shown on the ceremony HUD for someone of the opposite faction
  • There is no longer a delay at showing the spawn map when loading into a district.
  • The names of tattoos no longer appear when adding more than 4 to a player.
  • Tool tips are now positioned consistently.
  • Items in the inventory are now correctly highlighted when being hovered over.
  • Custom themes now correctly display the creators name.
  • Players should now be able to successfully accept the Music Import Privacy Agreement .
  • The ‘Rename’ and ‘Save As’ buttons now function correctly in the Symbol designer.
  • The Marketplaces ‘Usable’ checkbox no longer sets the Rating search criteria to 1-1.
  • The Music Studio should now function correctly in all languages.
  • Pre-set vehicles now display the correct rating requirement in the Garage.
  • An invite button has been added to the Group menu.
  • Clan member ranks now have associated icons in the Clan Management menu.
  • The inventory compare function now displays the correct information.
  • Clan members now show up in the Clan tab.
  • The vertical scale button is now selectable and usable when a tattoo has been applied as a wrap.
  • Using the Symbol Designer shortcut keys while dragging a symbol no longer prevents changes from being applied.
  • Players are now correctly messaged when they leave a clan.
  • Ceremony messages how display a related icon when unlocking a feature.
  • Players reticules now correctly update when looking through vehicle husks.
  • Pre-order vehicles can now be equipped through the garage.
  • Weapon values displayed on the UI now correctly represent their actual values.
  • Saved custom colours can now be properly deleted from a players palette.
  • Level 5 player Heat/Prestige icons are now scaled correctly.
  • Players with less than one minute of Action District time remaining are now able to see how much time they have left.
  • Players reticules now appear in the appropriate colour when landing a killing shot on another player.
  • The faction select screen now animates correctly.
  • Group VOIP icons now behave correctly when the group is split over two or more instances/districts.
  • The ‘Reaper’ medal now has the correct description.
  • The arrest timer is now of a unified length for both Enforcers and Criminals.
  • Players are now correctly informed how much it costs to manufacture a song.
  • HUD markers now display correctly if a player carrying stolen items and driving in a vehicle carrying a task item exits the vehicle.
  • The Clan Management screen can now be accessed at any time.
  • Improvements have been made to the ordering of various Persona components.
  • Mission win streaks are now correctly messaged to the player and the district.
  • The decal reset button now functions correctly in the various customisation studios.
  • Players are now informed why they cannot group with players who have not completed the tutorial.
  • Several small fixes/improvements have been made to the inspect player UI.
  • Numerous improvements to Marketplace functionality have been made.
  • Numerous small UI fixes/improvements have been implemented.
  • Numerous localisation issues have been rectified.


  • League mails no longer allow you to retrieve empty reward packages.
  • Rewards attached to mail messages can now be successfully retrieved.
  • Clicking between several mail messages will no longer cause a client hang.
  • Mail messages now contain the correct time and date stamps.
  • Display point tokens now feature suitable descriptions when attached to reward mails.
  • The ‘Daily cars stolen by Criminal Clans’ league reward package now contains the correct display point token.
  • The Financial District ‘Weekly Total Kills by Players’ league reward package now contains the correct display point token.
  • The Financial District ‘Daily Total Kills by Players’ league reward package now contains the correct display point token.
  • The Financial District ‘Weekly Missions Won by Players’ league reward package now contains the correct display point token.
  • The Financial District ‘Weekly Missions Won by Clans’ league reward package now contains the correct display point token.

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