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  2. So, besides being an ace competitive FPS team leader, ladder/league admin, and player, I'm also a lead guitar player with about 30 years or performing and recording experience under my old, wrinkled belt. Anyhow, one of the bands I'm playing with down in Austin, TX (Bottlecap Mountain) just released their latest record, Claws Sharp. It's up on Spotify as of today, so if you like good rock music, give it a listen:
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  4. Conan Exiles - Countdown to Launch

    Two handed swords in Tier 1 - just saying.
  5. Conan Exiles - Countdown to Launch

    It's much better. I'm in a hold pattern right now until launch. All officials are being wiped and if I do play it will probably be on officials. Playing alone fucking sucks and I'm not going to do it. If enough people here want to play, 4-5 or more, then I'm down to get serious with it.
  6. Conan Exiles - Countdown to Launch

    The vid actually makes me want to play it again. Looks like they added in a bunch of stuff...
  7. Eve Online

    Ship access is limited and you skill train at half rate. Just look up omega clone status or whatever.
  8. Eve Online

    Is the whole game free or only a portion. I got a 2 year old character there that I'd consider to start playing again, or atleast get his training started
  9. Eve Online

    Eve is free to play if anyone wasn't tracking. Their noob tutorial shows you the ropes too.
  10. 8 May - Conan Exiles: A Hyborian Launch

    If anyone even has a remote interest in playing again - you want to give it a shot - it's really that much better.
  11. 8 May - Conan Exiles: A Hyborian Launch

    I raided a shit ton of people yesterday. Need more peeps to comfortably move up north. I have so much shit.
  12. 8 May - Conan Exiles: A Hyborian Launch

    Max lvl - have a great start - if you vote on their server they give you a set of end game armor.
  13. 8 May - Conan Exiles: A Hyborian Launch

    I've got a pretty good thing going in our normal spot if anyone wants to join.
  14. 8 May - Conan Exiles: A Hyborian Launch

    I'm on a populated unofficial server that just wiped if anyone wants to come play.
  15. 8 May - Conan Exiles: A Hyborian Launch

    Dude you can fall off a cliff, hit spacebar, and your guy digs his fingers into the face of the wall as he slides down, and catches himself and you climb back up.
  16. 8 May - Conan Exiles: A Hyborian Launch

    I'm really surprised - this feels exponentially more polished now like Rust.
  17. 8 May - Conan Exiles: A Hyborian Launch

    Light and heavy attacks weave seamlessly.
  18. 8 May - Conan Exiles: A Hyborian Launch

    Well I'm in the server just fucking around - in TS
  19. 8 May - Conan Exiles: A Hyborian Launch

    All the changes sound very interesting.....
  20. 8 May - Conan Exiles: A Hyborian Launch

    Holy shit you can scale the side of mountains right out of the box now.
  21. 8 May - Conan Exiles: A Hyborian Launch

    So I put up a server - just search for TAC in the multiplayer screen. I have to say, the game feels a shit ton smoother and not as clunky. I just felt really slow and shitty, kind of like ark - IMO anyways. It feels more fluid and intuitive. The server is set to 2x everything, and half craft.
  22. I'm willing to at least install it and try it - I wanted this game to succeed and there was a lot of excitement amongst TAC before EA launch. They're revamping combat which was my single biggest gripe. https://www.mmorpg.com/conan-exiles/previews/a-hyborian-launch-is-coming-1000012614 @TourGuide @BigRich @Marauder @Witness @Tyris @JustAGirl @The_Matt_Price and @ whoever else had it. Can we get an @everyone?
  23. Sea of Thieves

    Basically, you have bitched and we've done nothing at all to address shit except talk about it.
  24. Sea of Thieves

    Sea of Thieves having been out for just over two weeks now, the team has been hard at work ensuring everything is behaving as expected, but we've also been gathering the top feedback points on the current game experience. We have been discussing these at length, figuring out solutions and getting work underway. Some issues are easier to solve than others, whereas some will require more involved fixes and take a little longer to get out to our players. Below are the top feedback points and our current plans to address them. As with everything on Sea of Thieves, we will make changes, get them out to players and assess how effective they are, using feedback and data to decide whether we need to take more steps. Our priority is always to work out what can we do to address issues quickly, and then if we need to spend more time on them for a more involved fix, we will invest that time and effort. Ship respawns When you sink a ship, they respawn too close to you. This can be frustrating for players at a Skeleton Fort, or constantly having the same ship follow you and engage you in combat. Complete: We have pushed the distance back that ships respawn at so they are out of view of the ship that sunk them. This is pretty much double the original distance that ships were respawned at. This change is in the game update that went live on Wednesday April 4th. Work in progress: We are also working on having this configurable in the service, rather than in the client, meaning we will be able to adjust this further live based on player feedback. Spawn-killing Players can get stuck in a die-respawn-die cycle if another crew stays around on their ship. Work in progress: A short-term mitigation for this is to make more players aware of the Scuttle option as a way of getting out of this scenario. We are adding information on this to the loading screen on the way back from the Ferry of the Damned, and also adding a reminder on the Ferry of the Damned itself that this option is available. Our plan is to measure whether this makes a significant difference. Are people using the Scuttle option more, is it a solution that works for the majority of scenarios? We'll assess this before taking further steps. Investigating: We are also considering options around moving ships to other world instances if they are caught in a griefing situation. This is a slightly more complex change, so we are currently investigating this to understand exactly what it would take, and the value. Brig abuse Players are misusing the brig for various reasons. The most common of these we have seen are to hold a slot, either because they want to play as a private crew or because they want to play with people with mics/people speaking the same language. Work in progress: A key change we are working on is to allow players to select whether they want their ship to be open to others being matchmade with them, or closed so that it's invite-only. This will allow players to manage how many people they want on their ship, invite friends and decide whether or not to allow other players to join them. We hope this mitigates one of the key reasons for people misusing the brig. It also has the added benefit of allowing players to sail the galleon with a smaller crew if they desire, or the sloop with a larger crew. We've had a lot of feedback and requests for this so we'll be very happy to deliver this functionality. Finding a suitable crew Closely related to the misuse of the brig, players don't really have any control over who they play with (apart from playing with friends). The key preferences we see are to play with other players using a mic, or to find people speaking the same language. Work in progress: We are working on automatically matchmaking by microphone status. The game already detects if you have a microphone plugged in, and matchmaking will now prioritise matching you via your mic status. Investigating: We will be adding the option to filter by language for matchmaking so players can find other players who speak the same language to crew up with. Cheating We have seen a few reported instances of cheating, where players are compromising the game client or using programs to gain an advantage over other players. Everyone should understand the seriousness with which we treat this, and anyone identified as taking part will have action taken against them, up to and including permanent Xbox Live account bans. We have a zero tolerance approach to this. Investigating: We are investigating and have detected some instances of suspicious behaviour, and will be taking direct action against anyone abusing the game in this way. The number of people we are currently investigating who show suspicious behaviour make up an extremely small portion of our player base. Work is ongoing against this as a high priority, once we are certain we have identified people cheating we will swiftly ban them. Content plans We hear and understand that people are keen to understand what our plans are for updating Sea of Thieves, beyond the top experience fixes. We are currently in the midst of adjusting our roadmap based on feedback we have received since launch, with a ton of planning meetings continuing through this week. We plan to release a video next week updating everyone on how we plan to evolve Sea of Thieves moving forward. We totally understand that people want to see this ASAP, but the critical thing here is to have the right plan that allows Sea of Thieves to grow in the right way. Thanks, – Joe Neate, Executive Producer
  25. PUBG

    Fortnite is ruined by Macro's. On console it works well because it's whoever can build and do what they need to quickest. On PC it's whoever has the most buttons available to themselves which in my opinion ruins it. I'll say that the game seems way more polished than PUBG in a heartbeat. It's just not a game I'll play on PC because I don't need someone spamming quick build macros on me when I get the drop on them. Frustrating.
  26. Conan Exiles

    I wasn't very impressed when I logged in - it felt clunky.
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