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  2. Ashery

    A COD that might be worth getting

    Been alive; it's not like I've disappeared from gaming :p There aren't many new releases that interest me, and those that do, generally run well enough on my machine (Rimworld, for instance). So, there's not much justification for dropping money on a new rig. Particularly when there's other stuff I'd rather spend that money on.
  3. Antisocial

    A COD that might be worth getting

    Holy crap Ashery is still alive! And ya, if you still have the same rig from 2010 you'll need to replace it 😛
  4. Ashery

    A COD that might be worth getting

    Would almost certainly necessitate me upgrading my rig, and that's money I don't really want to spend.
  5. Aiwa

    A COD that might be worth getting

    Has anyone gotten this? I've finally gotten my gaming rig fixed up. Ready to start shooting 1's and 0's!
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