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  2. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Turkey day you salty fuckers.
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  4. Destiny 2 Double Xp Weekend

    Figures, the one weekend I can't play.... That's the sprint weekend to finish packing... Movers come on the 20th.
  5. Starting on Friday 17th November 2017, the first Clarion Call event will go live for the entire weekend in Destiny 2. This is an opportunity to earn double XP for any activities you do with a fellow clan member in your fireteam. The news comes as part of Bungie’s weekly blog postwhich also detailed what time Destiny 2’s Clarion Call event would begin. Here’s when the first Clarion Call begins in your region and how long it’ll last for. Start and End Dates Begins: 17th November 2017 Ends: 20th November 2017 Start and End Times 10:00AM PT 18:00PM BST 19:00PM CET 13:00PM ET Full post here.
  6. Friday the 13th - 50% off

    I've been playing single player RPG - played albion online for a couple months - doing graduate school right now.
  7. Friday the 13th - 50% off

    Been working at the Nightmare Factory and watching a lot of NetFlix, but I've been playing Dead by Daylight lately.
  8. Friday the 13th - 50% off

    Is this where you've been keeping yourself these days?
  9. Friday the 13th - 50% off

    Game is well worth $20 IMO. Would be great to get a TAC group together and pull off a Jason kill.
  10. http://store.steampowered.com/app/438740/Friday_the_13th_The_Game/
  11. Albion Online

    @Solitude, @Matt, @Rahjj, @Tyris - You know you want to
  12. Albion Online

    well, @Ashery and flo got it - @Marauder said he is on the 9th. Just need @aragul, rich and Geoff.
  13. Albion Online

    I'll be watching the bama game tonight at 8pm EST, so you can try it out then if you want.
  14. Albion Online

    Nah just a few gigs.
  15. Albion Online

    Tempting. I'm assuming the download's not too big?
  16. Albion Online

    @BigRich was on the fence about getting it too, but probably will when he sees more people playing it.
  17. Albion Online

    No but if you really want to go hands on, I'd let you log into my account.
  18. Albion Online

    Hmm... I'm assuming there's no demo available?
  19. Albion Online

    It runs fantastic on a 2013 MacBook Air lol. It's not graphic intensive. You can even play on tablets.
  20. Albion Online

    Flo? Now there's a name I haven't heard in ages. What are the system requirements? My rig's getting really old by current standards, and I don't really want to spend any money upgrading it.
  21. Albion Online

    Flo bought it - Mar getting it on the 9th. @Ashery @aragul
  22. Dark Age of Camelot

    Didn't Hallowed Crusaders lead the alliance? At least that's what's coming to memory after seeing the screenshot.
  23. Dark Age of Camelot

    Yeah I found this too. This is actually the image I used to reproduce the guild emblem. I'm using the guild name and emblem in Albion online. Wanted to create an alliance too using the old name.
  24. Dark Age of Camelot

    I looked through old screenshots but didn't see the alliance name. I did find this screenshot of Amicia's memorial service which has lots of guild names in the alliance.
  25. Dark Age of Camelot

    For the old DAOC players - does anyone remember the name of the alliance Holy Grail was in? @aragul @Ashery @Marauder
  26. Albion Online

    That's too bad - it's a good game.
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