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Star Citizen Breaking new ground By Antisocial,

Feb 2021

A COD that might be worth getting By Antisocial,

Sep 2019


Leave it to EA... By BigRich,

Dec 2018

The disconnect between EA and their players is pretty astonishing.   I still love this iteration of the franchise but seriously, wtf is going on at EA?


Battlefield V Open Beta (4 Sep EA, 6-11 Sep Public) By Dagoberis,

Sep 2018


I'm downloading it now if anyone wants to mess around.

Rusty Nutz 8/12 (5X|No-P2W|Loot++|IC|QS|Trade|Clans|TP) By Dagoberis,

Aug 2018

I picked up an NVMe SSD (I/O is what holds back rust servers) VPS with dedicated Xeon cores and DDOS protection out of Los Angeles and put up a 300 player rust server on it.  It has all of my premium mods on it plus all the others everyone likes.  I won't be pursuing a pay to win model, so feel free to come play and enjoy all of the premium features of rust modding at no cost :P - Click here to connect to server - You can also filter "Rusty Nutz" under modded.

I'll be running a four day wipe cycle on it, but not initially.  It's a 5X server.

Additionally, for anyone unaware, rust is not the game it once was - it's worth another look if you passed it over.  As an example, boats and electricity were recently added, plus a slew of new weapons such as a compound bow.

Rend (Team-Based Survival | Adventure-Fantasy-MMO) By Dagoberis,

Jul 2018


https://www.rendgame.com/ - Expected to be the standard $29.99 in EA on 31 July 18.


Wit's new album is out! By Witness,

Jun 2018

So, besides being an ace competitive FPS team leader, ladder/league admin, and player, I'm also a lead guitar player with about 30 years or performing and recording experience under my old, wrinkled belt. :) Anyhow, one of the bands I'm playing with down in Austin, TX (Bottlecap Mountain) just released their latest record, Claws Sharp. It's up on Spotify as of today, so if you like good rock music, give it a listen:


Eve Online By Dagoberis,

Apr 2018


Eve is free to play if anyone wasn't tracking.  Their noob tutorial shows you the ropes too.