For Honor Cheaters Banned By TourGuide,

Feb 2017

There seems to be a degree of irony to cheating in a game called For Honor, but UbiBlog has word that some miscreants are indeed bending the rules in their new melee combat game. They say they are cracking down on this situation with their EasyAntiCheat software, which sounds like something you'd buy from an infomercial ("the secret is in the MD5 hashing!"). They say they are taking this seriously enough to hand out bans for first offences. Here's word:

For Honor puts a huge emphasis on skill, so it’s important that it offers a level playing field – and to ensure that nobody has an unfair advantage, the developers have rolled out EasyAntiCheat, a program that detects and flags those who break the rules. Giving the team a way to track cheating, hacking, and offensive communications forbidden by the game’s code of conduct, EasyAntiCheat has already been used to identify and ban fewer than 400 players for cheating and an additional 70 players for offensive conduct.

After being flagged by EasyAntiCheat, suspect accounts are reviewed by the dev team, which then hands out warnings, temporary suspensions, or permanent bans against identified players. These bans are applied on an account level, not at the hardware level. Fairness is hugely important to the game’s creators, so bans are being handed out to first-time offenders. Players who believe they’ve been erroneously penalized can also appeal their bans.

To find out more about For Honor’s code of conduct and the consequences for violating it, visit the official For Honor support page.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Open Beta Next Week By TourGuide,

Feb 2017

Ubisoft announces an open beta test for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands will start one week from today on February 23rd, and will run through February 27th. UbiBlog celebrates the news with a new trailer and a repost of the system specifications for the tactical shooter. Here's word on the testing and preloads:

Today, Ubisoft® announced that the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Wildlands Open Beta will be available to all players from February 23rd to 27th, 2017, on current-gen consoles and PC. Players eager to jump into the Ghost’s boots and tame the Wildlands will be able to pre-load the Open Beta starting this Monday, February 20th, 2017.

Each player entering this Open Beta will get access to an exclusive mission – the “Unidad Conspiracy” mission, in which players will spark a war between the Unidad, a local corrupt militia group, and the Santa Blanca cartel – by playing the full game before March 31st, using the same Ubisoft account.

The Open Beta will introduce players to two provinces among the 21 of the final game: Itacua, a flourishing and mountainous province where the grip of the cartel is looser, ideal to perfect your sniping skills and get introduced to the Wildlands. Montuyoc, set in the snowy Altiplano, and the second province available in this Open Beta, is much more challenging – players who have suppressed the Itacua bosses will gain XP and skills boosts allowing them to face this dangerous area, home to Santa Blanca elite training centers. Players can of course confront Montuyoc right away… at their own risk.

As in the full game, all the content in the Open Beta will be playable with up to three friends on the same platform via four player co-op, or in single player. Players are free to utilise a large variety of vehicles, tactical equipment and weapons to get the job done.

Set in the largest action-adventure open world ever created by Ubisoft, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands takes place in Bolivia, a few years from now, as the country has been turned by the vicious Santa Blanca drug cartel into a narco-state. Players are tasked with eliminating the cartel by any means necessary. The massive and responsive open world encourages a variety of playstyles, allowing players the freedom to choose how they execute any and all missions.


Call of Duty Returning to its Roots By TourGuide,

Feb 2017 has quotes from Activision Blizzard's earning conference call acknowledging disappointment in the performance of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (thanks HARDOCP). "Infinite Warfare had a ton of great gameplay innovations," explains Activision Blizzard COO Eric Hirshberg. "But it also had a setting that didn’t appeal to all of our fans." As a result, he says, the game will return to its "roots," though that may just mean coming back from the future, as the original CoD was set during World War II. Here's what Hirshberg says about this year's installment in the military shooter series:

In 2017, Activision will take Call of Duty back to its roots, and traditional combat will once again take center stage. This is what our dedicated community of Call of Duty players and Sledgehammer Games, developing this year’s title, are the most excited about

Humble Bundle End of Summer Sale By Wormfood,

Sep 2016

Also available is Tropico 4 for free.

Battlefront 3... not quite dead? By BigRich,

Aug 2016

It’s easy to picture a massive, imposing entity like the Death Star looming over Frontwire Studios’ attempt to make a fan interpretation of Star Wars Battlefront. From the moment the Galaxy in Turmoil project made headlines in June, we envisioned a super laser charging to obliterate the project from high orbit. The reality is Lucasfilm using the Force of its legal might with a lighter touch and willingness to chat with the nascent studio.

The end result is the same. Frontwire must leave its aspirations of a Battlefront-like experience with actual Star Wars locations and vehicles behind. 


Overwatch Plans By TourGuide,

Jul 2016

A thread on reddit recaps some of the information from a Twitch stream where Jeff Kaplan discussed plans for Overwatch, offering specific thoughts on what's being tested on the PTR, and possible changes before this new patch goes live. Here's a summary of some of the points raised:


  • In the next PTR patch, Mercy's damage boost percentage is getting reverted back to what it was (instead of 50%). Discussion of the mercy damage boost happens starting at around 10:30 in the vid.
  • They are looking closely at how Zenyatta feels in the PTR, and will reduce his total HP to 175 if 200 is too much.
  • The bug with Ana shots giving a friendly Zarya charge is getting fixed
  • New comic with more backstory about Ana is coming very soon
  • They have 4 new maps being worked on right now, but note that not all of them may see the light of day
  • The are working on new game modes, but the first new map (coming "soonish") will have a standard mode
  • New skins are coming before the end of summer
  • It sounded like they may want to try hero stacking again in season 2, but they didn't actually explicitly say that
  • For season 2 they are getting rid of coin flip (I think this was already known)
  • For season 2 they are also trying to reduce how long competitive matches take, which means you'll probably have shorter attack times at the very least
  • They are going to add the ability to see ally health bars for all heroes (but not silhouettes through walls). It isn't coming in this next patch, but it sounds like they will do it pretty soon

Overwatch Adding Support Sniper, 21:9, and Competitive Hero Limit By TourGuide,

Jul 2016

New Overwatch PTR patch notes are now online, outlining changes being tested for Overwatch in a patch that will probably go live for the teamplay shooter in a week or two. There are some major changes involved, including the addition of 21:9 resolution support, a no duplicate hero rule for competitive play, and more. This patch will also introduce the expected support/sniper, who is named Ana, and this page has details on her kit, and here's the overview:

After being out of the fight for several years, one of Overwatch's founding members is returning. Introducing Ana—a battle-scarred veteran who supports her teammates from a distance using a unique and highly specialized collection of weapons.

Ana’s primary weapon is her Biotic Rifle, which fires long-range darts that can restore the health of her allies or deal ongoing damage to her enemies. Meanwhile, her Biotic Grenade is perfect for a close-quarters clash, simultaneously healing teammates and injuring foes caught in its small area of effect. (Affected allies will also receive a temporary increase to all incoming healing, while affected enemies can’t be healed for a few moments.) And if the battle starts to get out of hand, Ana's sidearm can fire a Sleep Dart, knocking her adversaries unconscious.

Plus, Ana's ultimate ability, Nano Boost, empowers one of her teammates, granting faster movement, increased damage, and resistance to enemy attac

Overwatch Support Sniper Tease? By TourGuide,

Jul 2016

Following previous indications that a support/sniper named Sombra will be the next hero added to Overwatch, this tweet goes another step towards confirming this is the plan for Blizzard's multiplayer shooter. The tweet includes a schematic for a "prototype biotic rifle," complete with warnings that this can be used to harm enemies as well as help friends.



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